Even More Nest Refurbishment on Fifth Avenue
Octavia On The Nest

El Dorado Peregrines

I went up to see how the Red-tailed Hawks were doing up at 95th and Central Park West.  I've heard the female found a new mate over the winter and I went up to see if they were rebuilding the old nest.  I didn't see any sign of them, but I have seen two adult Red-tailed Hawks a bit further north this winter around The Pool.  I know the Fifth Avenue, Tompkins Square and Washington Square Park hawks are doing fine.  I'd be happy to get feedback on other nests, especially any nests north of Central Park.

Having come up empty, I went over to the No. 28 Bridge and saw the Peregrine Falcon female sitting in her usual roost.  She left before I could get my camera out.  I then found a falcon on a terrace railing of the north tower of the El Dorado.  I thought it was the female, but discovered it was the male after he made a pass at the highest air conditioner on the tower, where the female was eating a pigeon.  She made a cry as if to say, "I'm not sharing."  This was the first time I've seen them on the El Dorado, and it was nice to find a spot where they eat.  From the looks of the air conditioner, it looks to be the site of many meals.

Update 2/11/19: I received a report from a resident of 350 Central Park West that visits were made to the Red-tailed Hawk nest Monday morning. Great News!




The air conditioner is marked by the light circle on the right hand tower.