Randalls Island
St. John the Divine

Silver-haired Bat

One of the joys of birding in Central Park is that will all of the great birds, come great bird watchers who find rare things.  Today's great find was a Silver-haired Bat that must have been disturbed during the day and ended up sitting on a sawdust covered log in the Tupelo Meadow.

At first the bat looked like it might have died, with no sign of life.  But as it got darker, the bat became more and more active, until it flew off into the dim light of dusk.

20190330RTHA-Silver-Haired Bat01

20190330RTHA-Silver-Haired Bat02

20190330RTHA-Silver-Haired Bat03

20190330RTHA-Silver-Haired Bat04

20190330RTHA-Silver-Haired Bat05

20190330RTHA-Silver-Haired Bat06

20190330RTHA-Silver-Haired Bat07

20190330RTHA-Silver-Haired Bat08