100th and Third Avenue Has Hatched
Washington Square

2019 Manhattan Red-tailed Hawk Nest Update 7

News of hatches is coming in, as well as initial eyass counts. 

  • Inwood Hill has hatched.
  • 100th and Third Avenue has hatched.  One eyass was seen but there are most likely more.
  • 350 Central Park West has three eyasses.
  • St. John appears to have hatched.

I'll check up on the Fort Washington, Randalls Island and 72nd Street nests during the two week. 

The 927 Fifth Avenue nest is running very late this year.  There is a possibility that there might not be eyasses this year for Pale Male and Octavia.

Sadly, the hawk watchers of Washington Square Park have not seen the male nicknamed "Bobby" since Monday morning.  The mother has been hunting on her own and bringing food to the nest.

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