Math Problem For Pale Male and Octavia
2019 Manhattan Red-tailed Hawk Nest Update 9

2019 Manhattan Red-tailed Hawk Nest Update 8

News since the last update:

  • Pam Langford reports seeing a feeding at the Fort Washington nest.
  • The 350 Central Park West nest seems to have been abandoned.  The cold, wet weather may have been the cause.  In my two visits, I saw neither parent but Stella Hamilton saw one of them in a tree a block from the nest on Wednesday. It would be nice if we could confirm that both parents are still alive.
  • St. John and 310 West 72nd Street both look to have hatched based on parental behavior, but feedings haven't been seen yet.  Both nests are difficult to observe.
  • Pale Male and Octavia's nest is too long overdue for a hatch. 

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