Feeding at 350 Central Park West
350 CPW Calm

Another 350 CPW Feeding

After a great day of watching migrating birds in Central Park, including 17 warbler species, I made my way up to 350 Central Park West.  The mother was in the middle of a feeding when I arrived.  She then left the nest unattended a few times and the male made a visit.  She returned and they both stared into the nest together.  Given the behavior I saw today, I suspect that all the eggs have hatched. 

When I was watching earlier in the week, she seemed intent to feed as quickly as possible and then get back down on the nest, as though at least one egg hadn't hatched (they hatch a few days apart) and incubation was still needed.  (This is only a guess.  An alternative reason could be, that with today's warm weather rather than the colder weather we had early in the week, she felt comfortable leaving the nest.) 

The newly hatched hawks still need their parents to help stay warm.  It will be another 10-14 days before they can regulate their own temperature enough to be left alone for an extended period.

The eyasses (newly hatched hawks) are too small to see from the street just yet.  This neighborhood is full of school children and they should be able to enjoy watching the eyasses grow up this year.  The young hawks be on the nest for about 45 days and then move to Central Park by late June, staying the summer before leaving home.