After The Fledges
Comforting Day

Fledge 3 at Washington Square Found and Relocated

I came to the park to look for the third Washington Square Park fledgling this morning.  Without my knowing, the woman behind the excellent blog had already canvased the staff of the buildings along the southern side of the park, and found that the fledgling who was on a terrace of the Kimmel building. She arranged for the WINORR rehabber, Bobby Horvath to come move it to a better location.  Kudos to them both.  The fledgling had ended up on a two foot wide ledge with a glass terrace wall on one side and the wall of the Catholic Center on the other side.  The bird was relocated to a roof on the west side of the park, near where the first fledgling was seen late on Sunday night.

The third fledgling was examined by Bobby Horvath, and checked out just fine.  Photographs and video of the rescue are on the WINORR facebook page.

I saw the tail end of the rescue, when an attempt was made to also capture, examine and relocate the second fledgling who was nearby on another Kimmel terrace.  This fledgling managed to escape capture and made a nice flight into the park.

So, every hawk has been seen within the last 24 hours. My photographs are of the second fledgling and the adults.

WINORR- Wildlife In Need of Rescue and Rehabilitation, can always use donations.  If you're grateful for the fantastic work they do, use the Paypal link on their Facebook page to show them your appreciation for their work.  Its under the "About" section of the page.