Another Three Raptor Day
350 Central Park West

Graylag Goose (possible Graylag Goose x Swan Goose Hybrid)

A Graylag Goose, which has been seem for at least a week on the Reservoir was on The Lake of Central Park today.  The spotted black/yellow bill coloration and white feathers around the bill, suggest that it is most likely a Graylag Goose x Swan Goose Hybrid.  The bird is most likely an escapee from a poultry farm.

We used to have a number of Domestic Duck/Mallard hybrids on The Pond and The Meer and we had the Mandarin Duck last winter.  So, another hybrid is just par for the course I guess.

20200219_Graylag Goose_01

20200219_Graylag Goose_02

20200219_Graylag Goose_03

20200219_Graylag Goose_04

20200219_Graylag Goose_05

20200219_Graylag Goose_06

20200219_Graylag Goose_07

20200219_Graylag Goose_08

20200219_Graylag Goose_09

20200219_Graylag Goose_10