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American Robin's Nest

2020 Manhattan Red-tailed Hawk Nest Update 9

It has been very hard this year to get details of the Manhattan nests.  I'm not traveling by public transportation, so I can only report first hand on the nests I can walk to from my home.  But I do have some news:

  • Feedings have been seen in Inwood Hill Park.
  • The Fort Washington nest was left unattended for an hour on a cold day raising concerns that it might have failed.
  • Behavior changes make it likely that the St. John nest has hatched, but eyasses haven't been seen yet.
  • Both of the Central Park nests, 350 Central Park West are at least a week overdue.  It is likely that both have failed.
  • Tompkins Square Park has three eyasses and one even has pin feathers already.

Hawks 2020-9