2020 Manhattan Red-tailed Hawk Nest Update 16

Final news is coming in about Manhattan's Red-tailed Hawk nests.  Inwood Hill is confirmed to have 2 fledglings.  Governors Island has at least one fledgling.  Randals Island has fledged three.  A fledgling has been discovered in Riverside Park near Columbia University.  And Fort Tryon must have fledglings by now.


2020 Manhattan Red-tailed Hawk Nest Update 15

Some nice reports this week:

  • Two of the three eyasses on Randal's Island have fledged.
  • Both 72nd Street hawks have fledged
  • A fledgling was discovered at 105th and Riverside Park.  Where this bird came from is uncertain

While not confirmed, the Inwood Hill nest must have fledged by now.  I just don't have any information.  

Hawks 2020

2020 Manhattan Red-tailed Hawk Nest Update 10

It continues to be difficult to cover Manhattan, but news is coming in about some nests.

  • A new nest has been confirmed in Fort Tryon Park.  On the Greenway just north of the Ft Tryon exit 16.  I couldn't tell from the pictures I was sent but it looks like two or three eyasses are on the nest, still white with pin feathers coming in.
  • After some mixed signals, it looks like the St. John the Divine nest has failed.
  • The 350 Central Park West nest did not hatch and the parents have stopped brooding.

Hawks 2020-10

2020 Manhattan Red-tailed Hawk Nest Update 9

It has been very hard this year to get details of the Manhattan nests.  I'm not traveling by public transportation, so I can only report first hand on the nests I can walk to from my home.  But I do have some news:

  • Feedings have been seen in Inwood Hill Park.
  • The Fort Washington nest was left unattended for an hour on a cold day raising concerns that it might have failed.
  • Behavior changes make it likely that the St. John nest has hatched, but eyasses haven't been seen yet.
  • Both of the Central Park nests, 350 Central Park West are at least a week overdue.  It is likely that both have failed.
  • Tompkins Square Park has three eyasses and one even has pin feathers already.

Hawks 2020-9

2020 Manhattan Red-tailed Hawk Nest Update 7

Two updates:

  1. Thanks to detective work by the Morningside Hawks blog, it has come clear that the male, that was rescued but died shortly there after from Morningside Park, was not the male from the St. John pair.  The pair is currently brooding.
  2. The Washington Square Park male has found a new mate and they have been copulating on One Fifth Avenue.  The camera is currently offline, but it will be interesting to see if they try to nest.

Hawks 2020

2020 Manhattan Red-tailed Hawk Nest Update 6

Three updates:

  • I was able to confirm the 350 Central Park West is brooding.
  • Once again hawks have been seen bringing nesting material to the Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center, at 106th and Fifth Avenue.
  • I saw the pair of hawks that hang out around Grand Army Plaza today, on various buildings, with one eating on The Plaza Hotel, and the pair copulating on 9 West 57th.

Hawks 2020-6

2020 Manhattan Red-tailed Hawk Nest Update 4

This will most likely be the last chart for awhile.  The COVID-19 crisis is making it difficult to continue reporting.

Since the last update:

  • It has been confirmed that the Inwood Hill Park nest is occupied
  • Three eggs have been laid in Washington Square Park
  • The San Remo pair are now building a nest on The Majestic Apartments
  • Unconfirmed reports are the 350 Central Park West is now occupied

For all of us staying at home, Laura Goggin, made a nice summary of web cameras on her blog.  It should help many of us with cabin fever.

Hawks 2020-4



2020 Manhattan Red-tailed Hawk Nest Update 2

Sad news from Morningside Park.  The male from the St. John nest was found lethargic and died shortly after being taken into rehab.  More about the death can be found on the WINORR facebook page.

The other news is about two possible nests and a new location for nest building on the San Remo.   It was also nice to see Lincoln Karim's picture of Pale Male and Octavia copulating this weekend.  Let's hope there eggs hatch this year.

With the COVID-19 outbreak in NYC, reports may be more sporadic this year. Practicing social distancing will be more important than hawk watching over the next few months.

Hawks 2020

2020 Manhattan Red-tailed Hawk Nest Update 1

I'm starting to receive Red-tailed Hawk nest reports from around Manhattan.  Fort Washington and Tompkins Square Park have brooding hawks and there are reports of a nest being built on Governor's Island.  A pair of hawks has been seen copulating at 34th and 2nd Avenue, but the nest has not yet been located.  Drop me an email or comment on Facebook if you have updated news on any Manhattan nest.

Hawks 2020

2019 Manhattan Red-tailed Hawk Nest Update 16

This year is turning out to be a dangerous year for Red-tailed Hawks in Manhattan.

  • Both eyasses fledged at St. John.  One got into trouble and looks to have some head trauma.  It is in rehab at WINORR.
  • The mother of the 350 Central Park West nest was found on the ground in the park.  It was rescued but died in treatment.
  • The building at 100th and Third and the eyasses removed from the fire escape.  They went to the Raptor Trust via the Wild Bird Fund.

Hawks 2019

2019 Manhattan Red-tailed Hawk Nest Update 15

Both Inwood Hill Park and Randalls Island nests have fledged.  The nests that haven't yet fledged should do so this week, if they haven't already done so.  I've been spending time down at Washington Square Park between rain showers.  Any updates would be appreciated.

A female hawk that was ill and could not fly was picked up in Central Park last week around 100th Street.  It is most likely the female from the 350 Central Park nest.  She is now at  WINORR.

Hawks 2019

2019 Manhattan Red-tailed Hawk Nest Update 12

Updates on a few nests:

  • One hawk has fledged from the Washington Square Park nest safely to the roof of an NYU dorm.
  • Hawk watchers report a male with a brown striped tail (second year bird) helping hunt at the 100th and Third Avenue nest.  A male was not seen by many observers for a few weeks, and it is suspected that it might be a new mate.
  • The Fort Washington nest has three eyasses.
  • There are concerns about the health of the remaining eyass at Tompkins Square Park.  It seems lethargic at a time it should be very active and getting ready to fledge.

Hawks 2019


2019 Manhattan Red-tailed Hawk Nest Update 11

Updates on two nests:

  • Laura Goggin reports on her blog that it looks like the Tompkins Square Park nest appears to have lost one eyass.
  • Jessica Ancker reports that a second eyass has been observed in the Inwood Hill nest.

We should see our first fledges later this week. They always seem to be around the Puerto Rican Day Parade which is on Sunday.

Hawks 2019