2018 Manhattan Nest Update 13

We can add two more eyasses for Manhattan now that we can see the youngsters at Tompkins Square Park.  This brings us to a confirmed number of 18 eyasses for the season.  As always, I'm sure we've missed a nest or two.  We must be missing a nest or two this year in Harlem and The Heights.

We'll soon be seeing lots of eyasses leave their nests over the next three weeks.  I suspect we'll see some fledges late this week.  Hawk watchers who've been stuck on a bench for two and a half months are going to get lots of exercise soon!

Hawks 2018-13

2018 Manhattan Nest Update 12

Two positive updates...

  1. The Tompkins Square Nest (now with the third female of the season, Amillia) has hatched.  The eyasss are too little to count just yet, but we have at least one youngster.
  2. The female at 96th Street is no longer a single parent.  It is unclear if she has a new mate or if the old mate was returned from rehab, but local hawk watchers are seeing two adults now.

Update: After posting this, I was sent photos confirming three, not two eyasses at Grant's Tomb.  This had been corrected below.

Hawks 2018-12

2018 Manhattan Nest Update 10


  1. The 72nd Street Nest on the West side has two eyasses.
  2. A hawk was picked up at 97th and Lexington, and was most likely the father of the 96th and Lexington pair.  The mother is continuing to look after the three eyasses.
  3. An adult hawk was recovered near the nest on Central Park West.  While the female continues to incubate the eggs, it is unlikely the eggs will be hatch.

Hawks 2018-10


2018 Manhattan Nest Update 9

Since the last update:

  1. A third eyass has been seen at 96th Street.
  2. The 72nd and West End nest has hatched.
  3. Inwood Hill Park's nest has hatched and one eyass has been seen (although there may be more).
  4. Activity at St. John the Divine nest suggests that the nest may have failed.

Hawks 2018-9

2018 Manhattan Nest Update 5

It looks like the J. Hood Wright Park and CCNY/Shepard Hall nests are both inactive this year.  I visited J. Hood Wright Park earlier in the week and saw a Red-Tailed Hawk perched on Haven Avenue on the west side of the park, so the nest may be in a new location this year.  At CCNY, I didn't see any activity.  The CCNY pair may have relocated to the radio tower they used a few years ago.  Let's hope we hear some good news about either pair, later in the season.

Hawks 2018-5

2018 Manhattan Nest Update 4


  1. Red-tailed Hawks are nesting on the flood lights of Field 10 out on Randals Island again this year.
  2. The 310 West 72nd Street nest is confirmed to be active again.
  3. Tompkins Square park has become a version of the dating game, will it be Contestant #1, Contestant #2 or Contestant #3?
  4. I made a note that there is a good chance we'll find a nest on Governors Island this year.  We'll find out when the island opens to the public May 1.

Hawks 2018-4